Neighbourly assets

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) teaches us that when people come together and offer their gifts and talents to their communities, a great difference can be made. Web-based tools can make a marked difference in impact because they allow us to dramatically scale up our reach... is one such tool - it uncovers the richness of our most important assets - each other! - who live nearby, reversing the modernisation trend that has driven us apart from those who live nearby... how many of your neighbours do you know by first name... or even speak to?

Building on our previous Intentional Invitation research, we tested how people of different abilities could engage on an authentic level... and found that such a web platform holds a great potential for doing so. Forty such neighbours who had never met face to face before got together in a 'pop up' community event - providing the terrain to welcome others in their midst.

Testing impact relies on using the right tools to measure. Recording micro-interactions between people can reveal changes in the quality of their connections.