Creative participation

Fast Track Inclusion Trust won a Ministry of Social Development bid for the Arts2Gether project as part of round 4 of the Think Differently campaign (see!

The Trust supports the establishment of an arts inclusion pilot programme aiming to facilitate participatory art. In this programme where disabled people create in a natural community setting in the heart of Hamilton art products for sale upon at creative Waikato gallery. The idea for this programme was fostered by 28 organisations who formed a  'new arts space' steering committee, including representatives from the Hamilton City Council, and Creative Waikato. 

In the documentary below Anna Pye, Inclusion specialist and artist, explains the above overall model and how each model elements contributes to the wide vision.

The model below is a schematic representation of our vision of multiple entries into the mainstream arts community for marginalised artists living with disabilities or mental illness or with communication challenges.

We are part of a community collective committed to providing opportunities for artists living with disabilities and mental illness. Our projects will facilitate access of marginalised artists to safe creative environments where they can work side by side with community artists from the Waikato. 

The committee brainstormed  a new vision and mission for the art space that would demonstrate the benefits of social inclusion in the community. This  pilot programme and  'pop up arts space venue',  will be the forerunner of the creation of a new vibrant arts space that is visible, fosters disabled artists as leaders and demonstrate community social inclusion benefits in action. The Hamilton  community will come together in  cross-fertilising and sharing ideas,  creating learning and growing together as an arts community without barriers.

The Arts and Social Care from iriss on Vimeo.

In the years to come we will pilot different components of a general Inclusive Arts Model (see above) to demonstrate how such a holistic approach would result in collaborative art making across a range of experiences.

You can follow the ARTS2GETHER project's post at and download a draft paper at: