Social inclusion testimonies (2)

Neema enrolled support to gain mobility and in the process reclaimed her freedom.


Neema is the solo mum of 4 kids. Fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo amidst the ethnic wars, dangers and famine was only the first step of a long journey. In a neighboring UN refugee camp, food was scarce and water unsafe. So Neema spent a large part of these 3 years walking to and from the hospital carrying her children - made sick from food and water - which we take for granted in New Zealand. When finally told she was accepted into New Zealand, Neema was overjoyed - she would finally be able to provide to her children a future to look forward to. In New Zealand she found shelter, food and safety. Then she started setting her family up in their new life; but encountered an obstacle of a new kind - transportation. Hear how the Refugee Orientation Centre was able to make a significant contribution to help her overcome an obstacle which we may take for granted. 

Next we are interested in sharing stories of how refugees to New Zealand enroll Enabling Good Life services to cope with disability. Watch this space...