Resources and tools to guide Person-Centred approaches

Individualised Funding is a payment mechanism for disability supports in New Zealand. It is based on a philosophy of person centred control, in which people should be empowered and enabled to live ordinary lives and have control and choice over that life. Individualised Funding can give a person more choice, portability, control and flexibility as they decide how, when and who provides their support. For more information see:

Oliver Groom Oliver Groom determines where to live and who to share his flat with. This is made possible through the Individualised Funding mechanism that enables Oliver to hire his own support and allocate his resources to create the lifestyle he wants. A talented musician, he has just published his first album Lucid Frequency (State of Flux). Follow Oliver on:

Additional resources we found useful for people looking to embark on this quest are listed below

IIMHL resource: Excellence in Person-Centred planning:

Person-centred planning introduction and Reference (HelenSanderson)

Australia-based organisations and resources A site that is collating the stories of leadership from ordinary differently-abled youth. A project to follow!

Video stories (Australia) about person-centered plans

The excellent Julia Farr website:

UK Resource-loaded websites

Personalisation programmes learning and outcomes at:
[Reports of findings for parents and service providers]

User-led organisation: Skills for Care website - loads of information about Personal Assistant (use the Search box!)

The Learning Log is a way that a person and their circle of support can record what they are learning from planning and from putting the plan into action

Ten steps to set up a circle of support - document that also includes stories about how circles developed

Guide to creating a circle of support - Keeping in mind what the purpose of the circle is

Video examples (UK) support plans and easy read 'Making Your Support Plan.'

Example of a personal plan drawn from the understanding of what is important to the person.

Personalisation , including social impact and economic comparisons between self-management solutions and traditional financial management systems   SCIE Report 37: Personalisation, productivity and efficiency

Person-centered planning bibliography at:

Confused yet!!!??? The illustration below might help clarify the connections between the different concepts used in the field. Helen Sanderson Associates explain these.

Support plans forms from David Pitonyak (