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Discover your inner social care potential
Coach disabled people achieve the life they want

Course Description

Are you looking for a challenging and fulfilling career whilst making a difference in people's lives? Would you like to make an lasting impact in disabled people's lives? This course is for you, even if you have never worked in Social Care before or have had no prior training in it!

This course will provide:
  • Historical milestones of the disability sector 
  • Knowledge about person-centered planning tools 
  • Practical tools to develop potential in people with high and complex needs 
  • Implementation of ideas for daily lives 
  • Leadership building blocks to step into this space 

How do families create social change? This course documents a New Zealand initiative where three families with disabled children have joined efforts to launch a new initiative addressing the difficulty to find great staff to support people with high and complex needs. To bypass the difficulties created by a traditional hiring and training process, the families will come together for 5 consecutive weekends to meet with a pool of potential candidates. Families will engage directly with you in this collaborative training. We will work in team building activities that will provide you with the knowledge needed to decide about your future direction - and meet potential future employers. 
Together we will develop leadership to address core community issues and marginalisation of disabled people. 
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the wider context of the disability sector in New Zealand
  • Inspire disabled people and their families to plan for a great life
  • Work alongside familes who lead social change
  • Lead practical changes through daily support with these families

Curriculum Sample